Assembly equipment, automation and load- and unload stations

Depending on the client's specifications, we offer complete production lines , fully automatic or semi-automatic stations and manual workstations . Our modular design allows for quick implementation and is suitable for micro-electronics, general electronics ( such as home appliances , power modules, circuits , drive technology ), telecommunications and medical technology as well as for the semiconductor industry .

One of the strengths of SCHILLER AUTOMATION is to identify future requirements in time and to quickly convert into mature production solutions. Here, the know-how transfer between the photovoltaic and automotive & electronics is a clear benefit encouraging innovation.

Many Schiller systems and lines have been operating for decades and have been upgraded to grow in scope and value at our customer's factory.


Trusted handling

Our knowledge of manufacturing equipment took their origin in the handling of electronics components: one of the first developments of Schiller was a walking beam for the safe transport of ceramic substrates. Since then, we have delivered many automation lines and stations for automatic handling, ie loading and unloading , buffers , sorting, . ... The process equipment we automated includes
bonders, test stations, coating systems (sputtering), stoves etc., from various suppliers. The components or substrates automated are as diverse as the markets and the requirements of these automation systems. Our knowledge comprises of ceramic substrates , circuit boards over highly complex assemblies in microelectronics to wafers in the semiconductor industry, solar panels and large glass substrates for display fabrication. These systems differ in specification requirement as well as required degree of automation.


Based on automation, we have decades of experience in the execution of assembly processes such as screwing, dispensing (hot, UV , 2 components , etc.) , hardening , welding, or soldering. We are also well versed in the execution of other process steps such as testing, sorting, etc , and the integration of bonders, ovens, testers  ( ITAC VMDT , MES ) or other technologies.