Automated assembly solutions for battery and energy cell manufacturing


Energy storage is a rapidly expanding market with demanding production requirements and product processes that are rapidly moving from development to full scale production.  SCHILLER AUTOMATION has long been active in the automation of Energy Storage including individual battery cells manufacturing as well as entire battery packs. Battery cells and packs combine many technologies in which SCHILLER AUTOMATION is a world leader:

  • Mounting
  • Cell stacking and packaging of battery cells
  • Welding (laser welding, ultrasonic welding)
  • Dispensing of high-temperature, corrosive liquids in a vacuum and under atmosphere
  • Integrated testing and data management, sorting or grading
  • Pre-formation & Formation
  • Busbar connection by screwing or laser welding
  • Production in areas with low or no oxygen and
  • Controlled assembly, final assembly in clean-rooms and drying rooms

offers automatic as well as manual lines or stations for both the needs of emerging and established productions.

Grade of automation

  • Fully automated concepts
  • Partially automated approaches
  • Manual laboratory systems


  • Portal Solutions
  • 6-axis robot handling
  • Assembly lines
  • Special applications


  • Concept Development
  • Project Management
  • Simulation