Automotive & Electronics Assembly Lines

Integrated solutions for the automotive & electronics manufacturing

Individual systems and complete production lines

With over 30 years of experience, SCHILLER AUTOMATION is a leading global supplier of integrated automation-, process- and system solutions. We have installed hundreds of productive and reliable production systems and equipment and are Tier 1 automotive supplier. The conflicting automotive industry requirements of rapid product development and lengthy validation of production lines, we address with Simultaneous Engineering in close partnership with our customers.

Our experience in the field of 'Automotive & Electronics' includes, among others, equipment for the production of:

  •      Sensors (e.g. low pressure sensors, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, ...)
  •      Control devices
  •      Driving assistance systems
  •      Engine / exhaust management
  •      Transmission control
  •      Energy Management
  •      Lighting Control / Lighting / Headlight
  •      Power Modules
  •      ...

We deliver turnkey system solutions that ensure a high-throughput production with a variety of process steps harmoniously integrated. With our equipment, a variety of processes can be automated or performed, such as

  •      Assembling
  •      Welding and Soldering
  •      Clinging
  •      Caulking / crimping / screwing
  •      Separation of ceramic substrates
  •      Wire bonding
  •      Integrated testing
  •      Test Data Management
  •      Dosing of Chemicals
  •      Sealing
  •      Labeling / labels
  •      Sorting / loading and unloading

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