Automatic singulating of ceramics substrates

Utilizing proprietary IP in mechanical singulation Schiller Automation has installed more than 50 lines worldwide

Singulating ceramic circuits from the multiple panel substrate is a core process in the manufacturing of hybrid circuits. In the last 15 years SCHILLER AUTOMATION has supplied almost 50 lines for the automated singulation of ceramic substrates.

2006 represents a further milestone in SCHILLER AUTOMATION’s history. In close collaboration with one of our customers we designed and manufactured a universal machine for singulating hybrids. The goal for the concept was to ensure that a wide spectrum of multiple panel substrates can be processed without the need for time-consuming and therefore costly changeover work.

The spectrum of individual substrates that can be processed without changeover ranges from 5 mm x 5 mm up to 2" x 2". Both standard ceramics and LTCC ceramics with and without edge strips can be processed.

Singulation is carried out very carefully using a patented process. The ceramic (with its scribe line) is positioned on a rubber pad. Pressure is exerted on the ceramic by the separating tool, resulting in singulation.


This process offers significant advantages over the methods used to date:

  • No bouncing during singulation
  • Permanent support for the ceramic during singulation
  • Negligible wear since the support surface is coated
  • Very good slip properties for the support
  • Very good flexural rigidity in the support surface thanks to fabric inserts

The machine is designed for use both as a stand-alone machine and for in-line mode in production and, in addition to edge strip, strip and single substrate separating, also features other functions which are required for automated operation:

  • Automatic magazine handling (for all common magazine types)
  • Removal of the multiple panel substrate from the magazine
  • Cleaning of the substrates (optional)
  • Assembly/packaging of the singulated substrates


All options can be retrofitted quickly and easily.


  • Cleaning of the multiple panel substrates
  • Inlet for rework parts
  • Batch / type tracking
  • Blister handling